Volunteer Testimonials
"Volunteering makes me smile! It is so rewarding to see the family move into the home after all the months of hard work completed by the volunteers.

I try to live by this motto: When I am gone and no longer around, will I leave any footprints behind? Will a thought or a deed or a word I have said help another? Have I touched anyone's life today? Volunteering was something taught to me by my family when I was growing up. We all helped each other and others along the way and still do."

Janet Johnston
Habitat Savannah Volunteer Coordinator for 2.5 years
Special Events, Gift Wrap, Restore Volunteer for 3+ years
"I have worked on 46 Habitat houses. I enjoy working with the crew and seeing how the quality of construction has improved under Construction Supervisor, Bruce Bissett's leadership."

Howard Gandelot
Habitat Savannah Volunteer for 10 years
"I volunteer with Habitat because I believe it is the most effective organization for helping people achieve their dream of obtaining a decent, safe home for their families. Most of the well-meaning welfare/subsidy programs fail because the recipients have no pride of ownership. Habitat creates a pride of ownership because of the participation in the construction of the home and the actual purchase made possible through a no-interest loan."

Wells Nutt
Retired former Chief Technology Officer
and Chief Environmental Officer with
Union Camp Corporation/International Paper
Habitat Volunteer for 25 years working with
Habitat for Humanity of Franklin, VA;
Patterson, NJ; and Savannah, GA
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